We are inspired by the built world as well as the natural environment. Here are some of our current favorite images of places, landscapes, and light.

ohsu pvPV panels with glass guard rail in foreground at OHSU Center for Health and Healing, Portland, Oregon, 2009


oshu sunshadesPV panels as sunshades on a January morning, OHSU Center for Health and Healing, Portland, Oregon, 2009

pantheon peoplePantheon visitors, 2003

pantheon squeegeeRain is squeegeed into drain prior to a wedding at the Pantheon, 2003


sage w redPlant life thriving in a high desert climate:  sage hosts lichen at Smith Rock, 2011


dorion daylightMid-winter light streaming through a construction site, 2008

ohsu tramTram tower, 2009

ohsu viewView from roof onto brownfield site, 2011

pantheonPantheon, 2003

pantheon lightThe Pantheon oculus, 2003

pantheon drainPantheon drain hole, close-up, 2003


Brick work in Roman wall, 2003


Roman shadowsRoman shadows, 2003


juniper sage and lichenJuniper, sage & lichen, Smith Rock, 2011

smith rockMountain mahogany framing a view at Smith Rock, 2011

wax currantWax currant against the rock at Smith Rock, 2011


dappled lightDappled light cools visitors to Villa d'Este, Tivoli Italy, 2003

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